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Kraft durch Schadenfreude

That Which Is Falling Should Also Be Pushed


Divine Vomit : Stink e.p. cassette (1987)
The Codependents : s/t cassette (1991)
Shiva the Destroyer : s/t cassette (1992)
on Codependent Heart Records
: The Heart is a Lonely Hunter 7” e.p.
(1993) 500ed. on Codependent Heart Records
: Alternative Nation (1994) on Concrete
Prophets zine compilation cassette
: Lay Low Sweet Chariot (1995) on ernst recordings Of this Men
Shall Know Nothing: A Compilation of Texas Experimental Music

: Day to Day Crap, Waiting one-sided 7”
(1995) 200ed. on Codependent Heart Records
Shiva the Destroyer/Fireworks : split 10”
single (1996) 500ed. on Atomic Sound Records
Shiva the Destroyer : s/t CD (2001) 50ed.
on Codependent Heart Records
: Night of the Comet (2003) on Kitty Kitty
Bang Bang compilation CD Kittenpants Records
The Black Armband : Drifter/Assassin CD-R (2006)
23ed. on Codependent Heart Records
Thomas Nöla et son Orchestre: Vanity is a Sin CD (2007) on Disques de Lapin
Thomas Nöla et son Orchestre: En Vivo! DVD (2008) on Disques de Lapin
Shiva the Destroyer : Roxbury Station (2008) on A Taste of Lapin CD
compilation on Disques de Lapin
Shiva the Destroyer : Sunday with Jacky (in Denton) (2009) on Rabbits in Your
Stocking CD compilation on Disques de Lapin


Groovy Lysergic (1986)
The Black Vice (1987)
Tales of Dread and Vice (1988) w/Art Pinratana
Pigs and Pedagogues (1992) w/Raymond Pettibon
Whistling Past the Graveyard (1993)
Mi piacco le sbarbina (1994)
From Nods to Nothing (1995)
Easting by Ford and Pills: Shiva the Destroyer 1996 East Coast Tour Diary (1996)
In Order to Form a More Perfect Union*
The Expectorant (or The Story of She and He)*
The Third-party Killer Character*
Time Before Place*

I prefer the old Adam of strife and carnage to the new Prometheus of peace and human rights. Better a world torn apart by Husseins and Qaddafis, better a war to the knife between the PLO and the Likud Party, between Zulus and Afrikaaners, than a world run by George Balls and Dag Hammarskjölds, because a world made safe for democracy is a world in which no one dares to raise his voice for fear that mommy will put you away some place where you can be reeducated."—Thomas Fleming

“You must make your own life as you would any other work of art. The life of a man of intellect should be of his own designing. Herein lies the only true superiority.—Never, let it cost what it may, lose the mastery over yourself even in the most intoxicating rapture of the senses. Habere non haberi is the rule from which the man of intellect should never swerve.—Regret is the idle pastime of an unoccupied mind. The best method, therefore, to avoid regret is to keep the mind constantly occupied with new fancies, fresh sensations.”
—Gabriele D’Annunzio from Il piacere (The Child of Pleasure)

Disclaimer: There are undoubtedly many things in this journal that will offend your delicate sensibilities. In fact, there is something here to offend everyone. So, before you get your panties in a wad, remember that I did not come looking for you. You came looking for me. If you are easily offended; don't read this journal.
al-qaeda, angry samoans, austria, barthes, bataille, baudelaire, big black, big star, black metal, bob black, bowie, brutal attack, burzum, buzzcocks, camus, can, carlos the jackal, charles aznavour, cock sparrer, d'annunzio, dada, death in june, deep dark forests, delillo, der blutharsch, die lokalmatadore, die zillertaler türkenjäger, dj tomekk, duran duran, eco, endstufe, fascism, female tennis players, forza nuova, frank rennicke, freikorps, fritz lang, futurism, german expressionism, gg allin, goebbles, gottfried helnwein, grosz, halo of flies, hamas, handke, hans carl artmann, heavenly, heidegger, herzog, hess, hitler, hizbollah, holsteiner jungs, hunter s. thompson, italo svevo, italy, jesus and mary chain, jihad, joachim witt, johnny rebel, joy division, julius evola, kicking giant, klaus kinski, kraftwerk, lacrimosa, landser, lautremont, leni riefenstahl, leonard cohen, lightning rod, linguistics, louis-ferdinand celine, luchino visconti, luis bunuel, luxurious bags, menace, mercyful fate, mistreat, murnau, muslimgauze, mussolini, my bitter seed, my frustrated ejaculate, national socialism, nationalism, nazi rock, neu, new city rocks, nietzsche, no remorse, nouveau roman, oi!, paul burnley, pearls before swine, pere ubu, peter handke, peter jeffries, peter laughner, preying on your insecurities, procol harum, public enemy, rammstein, raymond chandler, reagan youth, rilke, rimbaud, robbe-grillet, robert matthews, rocket from the tombs, rockshandy, semiology, semiotics, serge gainsbourg, shiva the destroyer, situationism, skinhead, skrewdriver, skullhead, slayer, standarte, structuralism, summer of george, supreme dicks, surrealism, swastika, the bats, the can't, the clean, the jam, the order, the smiths, the velvet underground, the zombies, the*moon*lay*hidden*beneath*a*cloud*, this heat, this kind of punishment, thomas bernhard, tom waits, traditionalism, venom, violent femmes, welle:erdball, werner herzog, william f. buckley, william s. burroughs, wim wenders, wittgenstein, zetazeroalfa


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